Harry Starbuck


Musician, Songwriter and Sound Designer Harry Starbuck was first launched into music scene as a producer and songwriter of many successful bands and also founded the record labels FAYZ and Kalinkaland, well networked little companies, specializing in releasing Harry Starbuck's own music, but also in ambient, indie, electronica and film projects. In its first  years, the labels released more than 50 albums, including digital and physical packages and exclusive merchandise.


By the time he was a teenager, Starbuck could already play several instruments and with the age of 12 he started to play in rock bands, but he found his true calling exploring the musical possibilities of electronic rather than acoustic music. "When I start making electronic music, I wasn't connected to a certain scene, it was just fun, and there was no plan or any kind of style. The most important thing for me was always freedom. I wanted to create sounds and music, independently from all genres. That's still what I do."


Harry gradually developed and cultivated a sound that’s all his own; marvelous and deep emotional soundscapes, done with a thousand layers and tons of effects: An instantly recognizable sound.


In the last years, Starbuck has produced a lot of albums and remixes with many artists and is now working on a new band project with some very talented vocalists and together with his long-time friend and great musician Florian "Flory" Walther from Fresh Music.


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